Thursday, February 7, 2013

What should I call this post?

It's Thursday!!! Oh and I'm tired, this is the first chance I've had to sit all day (you're thinking--well duh, you're a mom) but it was because I went to the doctor today for pain in my wrist that I've had for oh about 6 months!!! I didn't want to go because when it started Zane wasn't walking and IF I needed surgery on it (like once before) I wanted to wait until he was walking first. Well, that was in September. I've put it off for a little bit I guess! But IT'S OK! Why?? Because turns out my hand surgeon, he's top in Dallas, that I saw 10 years ago for a cyst in the same hand, says--you're going to laugh--there's this thing they call "Mommy Syndrome" seriously. It's basically moms, who are constantly picking up their babies and carrying around 30lb or more carriers and all that, they injure their wrists. Why is that? He said it's because when a woman is pregnant, her ligaments stretch and weaken, not just their pelvic ligaments, ALL their ligaments so they are easily injured and not so easily fixed! As he explained, surgery ligament repair would work if say a football player took a big fall and tore the previously strong ligaments, I, however have weak ligament and had no blunt trauma so surgery wouldn't do much with the weak ligament tissue. So I have to wear this thing--which I HATE!
Attractive right? Think I could bedazzle it?
And I'm right handed. I also have to take a prescribed anti-inflammatory, if you know me at all, I also HATE taking pills. Then I got this cool brace (no pun intended) to ice 3 times a day.
See the pocket for the ice packs?? What will they think of next?
All cozy, FREEZING!
Then go back in a month for re-evaluation. If it's not better I need an MRI to see what else could be going on. I am so glad I don't need surgery, because #1--how would I afford it, stay at home mom here! And #2--who would take care of Zane and I when my most dominant hand is out of commission?? I know the answer to that one actually, it's just stressful for me to not be able to do it myself and burden others to have to take time to help us out like that. I thought child-birth and that healing afterwards was the last physical pain of being a momma, I was wrong. Because I can't do certain workouts, it hurts to clean, do laundry and to cook (which I love to do) and most wrist movements. I am to wear this brace during any activity that hurts the wrist, great! So, I asked the Dr. "does this mean I can no longer clean or cook??" Hehe! Hoping for some fun news to tell the hubby. But I actually had no idea this was possible or an actual thing??? All parts of being a mommy, it is way worth it I must say!!!

Now time for...

IT'S OK...'s ok I have this pain due to greatest gift on Earth!

...that I'm a clean freak! Once a week I spend an entire day to clean--to have a "Monica" clean house. (Any fellow FRIENDS lovers out there?)

...that I just learned how to french braid yesterday.

...that I'm already planning my son's 2nd birthday party, that I swore wouldn't be a big bash like last year!

...that I hate to hang up clothes!!

...that once again I'm craving pepperoni pizza, from Mr. Jim's, thin crust please!!

...that I'm yet again obsessed with my favorite perfume! It happen like clockwork every February!

It smells like Spring Heaven!! 
...that I keep having to go turn off Zane's vacuum, haha! He turns it on vacuums, then leaves it running.

...if you are jealous of my awesome shirt!! Thanks momma!! My Daddy's favorite saying!

"Happy, Happy, Happy"
-Phil Robertson
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