Monday, June 24, 2013

Pedestrians Look Out!!

I learned a few things today when I chose to ride a bicycle for my workout today! May you learn a few things too!

1) It was MUCH easier when I was a child!!

2) Whoever said "It's like riding a bike" is seriously mistaken! For a couple reasons--it's not easy! And also, it's highly possible to forget how to ride one, I looked like a moron.

3) Beware when you're dismounting your bike, some important parts can get damaged or seriously bruised!!

4) Goggles are probably a good idea! See I'm not the pro biker I was a child, it's vital for my life to keep both hands on the handle bar. When I have sweat pouring in my eyeballs I can't wipe. So I need goggles for the sake of my corneas!

5) No matter how much padding you think you have on your rear end, it's not enough!

6) I should probably of done a little research on my hand-me-down bike before I decided to hop right on after not being on a bike in over 15+ years!

 7) Next time I will be prepared with a water belt, or get one of those things that hold your water bottle. I was tempted to knock on a strangers door for some water!

8) Since I'm accident prone... (a couple broken noses, bruised tail bone, the regular sprained ankle, kicked in the jaw and couldn't eat for days, etc.) You'd think I've learned to have the necessary equipment...helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, chin pad, shin guards, chest I missing anything? But no, I rode like the risk taker I am! It's good for the soul!

9) This is not your grandma's stationery bike!! You peddled 2 1/2 miles away from home, you can't just get off when you get tired. Well, you can, but just be prepared to trek that bike all the way back home (which is a workout in itself!)

10) Do the your best not to run into any poles, parked cars, or children at play. None of this can end well!

Although, it was kinda fun and a new experience for a workout. I actually did enjoy it! I was pretty surprised at how much harder it was than I thought!! I like to mix it up, stay on my toes with my workouts so I don't get bored. I had good music in my ears, a nice little breeze goin' and some nice scenery to look at. But after today I also learned some DO's and DON'Ts of riding a bike...

DO embrace the climbs!

DON'T look down! Maybe I'm a super klutz, but I lose my balance when I do. Keep your eyes on the horizon!

DO wave back at random ladies who wave at you thinking they know you! It's just polite! (If you're reading this and I do actually know you and didn't recognize apologies!)

DON'T mouth breathe!! Just don't! Unless you're looking to add more protein to your diet, otherwise, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, k?

DO take a break if you need one to push through those upcoming climbs.

DO enjoy the scenery. I saw a bunny.

DO ride those coasting downhills. It's fun! And gives your legs a nice little break!


DO sing out loud to your music, even if you get funny looks!!

It was a nice workout! Hard? Yeah!! I'm not gonna kid you! My legs are worm plum out! But now I know why I had such great stems and buns when I was younger! Maybe I'll do what I did back then and pretend I'm cruising in the latest greatest car! It brought out the kid in me, what can I say!