Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's Goin' on with Zane?

Well little man is 20 months now, and he has no clue! He thinks he is 20 years old. Maybe because I'm not the best disciplinarian, or he's just really defiant, or just being a toddler. I will tell him "this is don't touch" I may be pointing to the fireplace tools or the dog's water bowl, but here lately it's our door mouse.
Isn't it cute???
I use it to sometimes prop open the baby gate to the master, like when I'm doing laundry. It's made of iron and I will tell him "this is don't touch!" He completely understands me, because then, he proceeds to look down at the door mouse, and say "dis is don toush!" Later, I will find him carrying the door mouse off to somewhere in the house and THEN sometimes he puts it back exactly where it goes and says again "dis is don toush!" As if it doesn't apply to him, just reiterating the rule! But it's so cute and funny it's hard to get onto him, and then I wonder why am I not getting through to this actually incredibly smart (I am biased) toddler??

He is super stubborn, and cute as can be!! He refuses to say "mama" but instead he says "baba." He says some other things like:

"fruit loops" -- sounds more like "ush-oops"
"popcorn"-- or "cah-gorn"
"Poppie"--my father
"Dada"--his Daddy, of course
"trash"-- or "jash"

And a few others, but have slipped my mind. Zane took his time on the speaking part of when you ask him to repeat something (stubborn). He still has his own baby language and is constantly talking in gibberish! He understands pretty much anything to tell him or ask him to do, which that's what our Pediatrician wants to hear! I can ask him to "put that up" or to "throw that away" "bring me my phone" (lazy momma moment) and he will do just that! I ask him where his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, cheeks, head, belly, feet and hands are and he will point to each one on cue. It makes me so so proud!! He tries to dress himself and is always trying to put his shoes on, and he can, just not always on the correct feet. He will wash his face and brush his teeth and if I ask him if he wants to go to bed, he will run to his crib or point that direction if we are in our bedroom.

Lately, he has been handing out the kisses and hugs! We will ask for a "bear hug" and he will squeeze SO tight. It's the best feeling! He's super friendly and waves to anyone who walks by, even if they don't wave back. He blows Mommy kisses and likes helping me cook--(I just let him stir). I may have mentioned a few posts back that he LOVES to clean. One day my parents were watching him as I went to a doctor appointment. My mom was changing his diaper and he gets up (sans diaper) runs to my dads office and pees on his boots and floor (NOT on purpose!!), then my son goes to get his wipes, pulls a couple out and wipes up his mess! He is really a sweetheart! And he's a clown!! He will do anything for a
laugh and loves to laugh. I tell you what, I don't know what we did to get such a wonderful baby! His big toothy smile just makes me so happy!Here's some pics of what he's been up to lately...
Cuddling with my baby blankie
bear hugs!!
Goofing around wearing Daddy's glasses
just some light cleaning!
Rocking on the dino at the park.
Testing out his chef skills.
Catching some zzz's with his new favorite buddy "Nova dog"
Mr. Cool
Is it just me or he's pretty smart for a 1 1/2 year old??

It's OK Thursday

It's Thursday, which means it's almost Friday! Yay! Means absolutely nothing to me, but for you working people, y'all can get excited!

It's OK...

...that I am more excited than my son for tomorrow's playdate!

...that I consider tomorrow, February 1st, the start of my birthday month! Oh yeah!

...that I REALLY, REALLY want a juicer! I will be making juice drinks all day, everyday!

...that I cannot wait to start sewing and that's all I've been able to think about!!

...that my 20 month old son loves to clean! He's 20 months going on 20 years, Lord help us!

...that I absolutely love Valentine's Day, it's one of my favorite holidays because it's all about love and I love LOVE!

...that it irritates me that a lot of people don't consider Valentine's Day a holiday, it is! Just because it is, okay?! Is there anything wrong with having a day dedicated to show your loved one how much you love them? No sir, not at all!! (Hubby--you reading this??)

...that I put make-up on earlier this week for the 1st time in FOREVER, and I must say I looked pretty! Sorry--I'm really not conceited, make-up makes me feel pretty!

...that my German Shepherd is seriously obsessed with hunting this squirrel that hangs out in our tree, surely just to taunt him daily! He sits and stares for hours! get prepared just in case this horrible stomach virus befalls us! I mixed together some bleach water in a spray bottle, since apparently thats the only thing that kills this epidemic! I'm living in fear I think!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

You're REALLY gonna think we are crazy...

After being sick since Thursday, I haven't hit the gym, nor have I eaten exceptionally well. However, today, I dropped Zane off at my parents and decided I'd go get my run in, we have plans tonight, I thought ahead. I still have a hint of a cough but I didn't care, you want to know why?? The other night I was babbling on to The Hubs and somewhere along the way I began talking about my weight. And I asked him something like "do you think I'm fat?" Yes, he knew this was a trap and that there was no way out of it. He says something like, "I love you the way you are." Being a woman I said "Ooook, that's not a NO, so why don't you just say it?" He knew this wasn't leading anywhere good and that I had a point. I told him I wanted the truth and that I'm not blind and if he loves me he would tell me. So, hesitantly he says "you've put on a little weight." OUCH!!!! "But I'm very much attracted to you," He says. Good save!  It was the truth, I asked for it, can't get mad! I thought about his honesty for a couple seconds, and I thought to myself, "I used to look so good, and he loved that I had a great body, I can do it again!" And I'm sure to his surprise I said "thank you!" I am actually the type of person that would rather be hurt with the truth rather than comforted with a lie! That statement was the push I needed to get back in the game! I know you are probably thinking what a jerk he is, that he never should have said that to me! But my friend, you are wrong. If my husband can't be honest with me then we got problems! I know this man loves me for so many reasons!! He is such a loving husband and tells me constantly he didn't marry me for look, but always because he is in love with me. People, he did me a favor! I don't want to get my weight so out of control I think getting in shape is out of reach! He gave me that wake-up call I needed. Sometimes it's easy to have the wrong perception of how you look, then you see a photo and you are shocked that you must really look a little overweight. You can think I'm a vain idiot (which sometimes I am) or that he's a huge jerk (and sometimes he can be) but we are best friends and love each other, we are honest with each other. He took a real risk in telling me the truth, and I thank him!
See, I told ya you'd think we are crazy! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Ok Thursday!

Time for my new favorite blog post! Let's see what randoms are hangin' out in my head today...

It's OK...

...that I am feeling totally sorry for myself that I'm sick

...and I'm doing this post from my bed, while me and the baby watch Cosby Show reruns

...that I really wish it was freezing outside!

...that I may or may not need an underwear change everytime I sneeze or cough (thanks Zane) be ticked off at the American Horror Story ending. miss running

...that all I want for dinner is my homemade Split Pea Soup, don't knock it till you tried mine!

...that sometimes I don't want anymore babies, I just can't imagine loving another as much as I love Zane, and I don't want him to have to share me.

...that I think he put these on just to make me smile!
And it worked!!!!!! 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Rambles of the Stay at Home Mom

I think I should change my Blog name to that title, what do you think??

Well it's Monday, again, and I have begun to REALLY get the hot momma body back! I ran for the first time in a long time tonight! I made no excuses, when The Hubs got home, I got goin'! If you haven't been following along, I am now at THE HEAVIEST I've ever been! I do not admit that proudly. I used to be so fit and skinny, I'm talkin' a totally rockin' bod!
Daytona, FL  Summer of 2010
Then later that year I got pregnant.  Bad habits started and never ended, until now!!! Before hand I was just so dedicated! I ran alot and ate so well! But I still have all that in me and I'm digging back into my "fitness knowledge" part of my brain that hasn't been used properly in a good year and a half! I know what to do, I just need to do it and become that "fitness buff" I used to be!

With all that said, I started Couch to 5K, today, again...and geez running used to be so much easier!!! I discovered that I hate sweating now, it makes me feel fatter! However, when I was skinny I loved being drenched in sweat after a good run! Something about it made me feel so accomplished. Not today, it just made me feel yuck! My ankles and knees hurt now since I am heavier, and I literally feel my butt bouncing behind me as I run! To make it worse, my buns are sore the next couple days, probably from just the bouncing alone! I got some junk in this trunk people! It's usually the first thing to get big, then my boobs. Some people would see this as a good thing, not me! The ladies have gotten out of control! Most people know, I had a breast reduction when I was 16. Insurance covered my procedure and everything, it was a medical thing as well for me, cosmetic and self-consciously necessary. I was so insecure! I couldn't shop in Victoria's Secret like everyone else. I was a 32-E! I'm being 100% honest with you! I had to pick out bras at a specialty shop and then have them altered. At one point, the back strap had 5 brackets!!! This is torture for a 15, going on 16 year old! They were ugly too! And I felt like I was wearing a straight-jacket! You can bet your booty, I saved those suckers! And recently, I tried one on again, it came about an inch, maybe inch and a half from fitting!! You could not see ME passed my boobs! I went back to school after my surgery and people said to me "Oh you're skinny" I thought, well yeah! My boobs just took over my whole body!  So, you see how ginormo boobs again isn't a good thing for me. Losing weight means losing boobs! HA!

To fully understand my poundage I packed on, you'd need to see me in a bikini now. That just ain't gonna happen! I was able to wear one this past summer. I think I packed on the pounds since. Having a baby didn't make me fat, it's been poor food choices and not exercising! I love food!! Really love it! I'm not a whale, by any means, but I am not fit and have weight I really need to lose! I am only 5'1" just 5 pounds makes a difference. It doesn't help having a toddler in the house and a hubby that can eat whatever! One time I tried this diet where I could have no sugar and carbs, Zane was eating Fruit Loops and he kept trying to force them in my mouth! See what I mean?  The good thing is, my son really loves healthy food too. And once upon a time I had will power made of steel! I still have it, I just need to use it. So, here I go...I am determined that by this Summer I will have my body back! Then I'll be one hot momma and be proud of it! No worries, I won't be a mid-riff wearing inappropriate woman. I am a mom, after all! I can say though, that my legs feel good, they are tired, but a good tired! And I bet I will sleep good!!

Let me blog name or no?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's OK Thursdays!

I like this random little opportunity to blog and link up with some more OKer's! I don't know how many "ok's" I can come up with because I am so not good at being random on the spot like this. But here goes nothin...

It's OK...

...that I'm 27 and having to go see the Dermatologist today for breakouts!

...that I only made it to the gym once this week! be excited to go grocery shopping tomorrow. (Stay at Home Mom's vacation right?)'s ok (really it's NOT) that I've been driving around with my spare tire on my car for two weeks now! And it's UGLY!!! be excited I cannot wear make-up today for my Derm appt. Like I wear it anyway.

...that I ate about 10 peanut M&M's last night miss my baby boy while he sleeps

...that I really love the cold weather!!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More home-y stuff!

I did something that I think was creative and cheap! First off, I found this big ole close pin at Hobby Lobby. Originally, it was $17.99, however it was broken in half and the only one left in the color I wanted. So, cheap, bargain-hunter me was not afraid to ask for a discount! I got it 66% off (heck yeah!) and it ended up costing me a whopping $8! You read me right! On top of my laundry shelf it went! I've had an empty Jamestown planter from Southern Living at Home (now Willow House?) on the shelf too, for weeks now. I knew it needed a little sumthin' sumthin' and it came to me! More close-pins but painted in my pretty collection of paints I already had. It only took me forever, but I painted them all! Some colors I mixed to create my own "Signatuh Coluh" (say in the Steel Magnolia accent). And it turned out super cute if I do say so myself!
Me painting, and painting and some more painting!
See? I mixed my colors
I'm getting somewhere...
Shelf before
Shelf after! Look at that color, and it was only $8!!

Another thing I made by hand that I am not "in love" with and is currently in a closet as I mull it over about if I should keep it or trash it is this thingy....

I spray painted it gold first, then I taped it off and then painted it a Navy color i mixed up.
Next, I painted our monogram and the year we got married.
I really think it looks cheesy, but I might hold on to it. One day, it could be special HAHA! It was my very 1st hand in a "painting" on canvas. I have made a super special canvas for my son's nursery, but with a Cricut machine. I will keep it forever! Zane stares at it still when I change his "diapie" as I call it. He was even so kind to pick off all the buttons. No worries mommy's, I snatched them up super quick and repaired my precious painting. Check it out here!! It's so unique and cute!

What do ya think? Trash em or treasure em??

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Decor, why not?

I told you all I was going to get my craft on and that's about all I've done lately!! I have really come to love homemade things to put around your home. They have meaning and it's something that no one else has.
This is kinda my favorite one so far! I saw a pin on Pinterest about this and apparently there is an art piece at World Market (I think) that is pricey, but she made her own, as did I! Got my canvas, foam brushes and paint and got to work!

I used a paint pen for the branches

another angle
Some pop of color above my cabinets

This little project was meant to be done last year. I bought this sign on sale, but hated that it was striped like a candy cane. Not for Valentine's decor!

I just painted it all red and added some glitter! Who doesn't love glitter? It looks soooo much better, you can actually see what it says now.

Last Saturday my cousins, mom and aunt all got together to have a craft day. Our craft at hand was to make Valentine's wreaths. I have only made a Christmas wreath before and that was just gluing ornaments on the branches, simple! This wreath was just about 100% handmade! Wrapping this thing in yarn was a pain in the you-know-what! And so was drawing and cutting out the hearts each by hand! But my hard work paid off and it turned out great!!

work in progress. 
Seriously crafting!!
All the girls wreaths.
Mom, myself and Hollie with our wreaths!
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Living to the fullest!

Well I've been away a little longer than I'd like, I have NOT been in the blogging mood for one and I've been super busy secondly! Unfortunately, my New Year hasn't gone as expected. We recently lost a very dear family member, my little cousin Jennifer. She was involved in a fatal car accident on New Year's Eve morning due to wet roads and poor visibility. It has been extremely hard for my family to grasp, she was only 23 years young! We don't understand it and we all miss her terribly!!! We all take comfort in knowing she up in Heaven dancing with Jesus! So, this post is inspired my Jennifer and her amazing life and legacy! I think some good should come of her death and maybe it'll be shown through me? I don't know. She loved living life and I'm going to take a lot of notes from Jenn and enjoy life the way she did!

I had planned on writing about what I would like to accomplish this year, and now I have even more! Jennifer has inspired me to become a more carefree person and to live life to the FULLEST! She did, she LOVED life music, family and friends. She did not care what you thought about her, but pretty much everyone loved (and still loves) her! She was so fun and loved to laugh!

So, my plans for this coming year? Be a better, truer me! Not worry so much about what others think and just do what makes me happy! Love me or leave me! That should be my new motto! I'm going to participate in more things, fun things for my son and my family. I'm going to wear what I like whether it be preppy, boho-chic, glam, or frump! I love all styles and I intend to wear them all proudly! Also, I'm going to add more color to my home, as far as decor such as pillows, throws, art, and other misc decor. Bright colors make me happy and since I stay at home, I want it to be just that, super happy!! Next, I want to craft more. Adding pieces to your home that you made entirely yourself is a treasure. Jennifer had several homemade things in her home. I was lucky enough to make it home with a few! She was so artistic!
This lamp was in her apartment, my sweet aunt offered it to me!
She made that canvas, I love it! It's just happiness on top of my cabinet!
Another pretty canvas, and new reminder "Let It Be"
She and my cute Uncle Dale (her dad) made these. She got the idea from Pinterest.  Every time I light them, they will be to honor her!  
And lastly for my New Year to do's, I am going to get my cardio on!!!! It feels really good to run and I need to get over my lazy and get my butt in gear!! I feel so great and accomplished afterwards! Exercise makes you a happier person overall!! Plus, I can try and get my body back, which will make me REALLY happy!

It seems that ever since I became a mom, I have not taken enough time for me! And if I can do a little of that and be a better, happier me, then I will in turn be a better mom and wife! And we will have a super happy household!!!

You know, I hate that it took such a tragic loss for me to WAKE UP and say hey "you shouldn't give a flyin' flip about what others are doing, or what people may be thinking about you or judging you for the decisions you make, how you choose to raise your child or what works in your marriage" Freaking do what works for you and your family and makes you happy!! You have one life to live and I intend to live it!

Go live yours too!

Jenn- We will always love you!