Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Headboard D.I.Y.

We've been in our home for about 7 years now.  One thing I've always wanted was a bed or a headboard.  Recently, I decided on a headboard for a few reasons. 1). It's different, not everyone has one. 2). It looks elegant. 3). It's much cheaper than a wood bed.  So, we brought my idea to life, and thanks to Pinterest I was able to find the style I wanted.  For some time now I have been in the process of redecorating and updating my home and I was never "in love" with my bedroom, but I sure am now!  (I will be posting pictures of my home soon).

So here it is, the step by step instructions on making your own headboard. Beware, there are LOTS of pics!

We started by getting a piece of wood, plain and simple!  The hard part was drawing out the design I wanted and making it look just right!

The design was done, next it had to be cut out.  My hubby cut out one side, and flipped the cut out onto the other side to make it perfectly symmetrical.

Template is done! Now time to cover it!

I wanted to have button tufting to add some flair to the piece.  So next, we had to lay out where the buttons would be placed and drill holes into the board to add them once it was completely covered. Once that was done it was time to cover it in some batting and foam board that we bought at a fabric store in Dallas.

We used spray adhesive to adhere the foam.

Next, we stapled the batting to the back of the headboard.

Time to add the fabric!  I found it at the same fabric store in Dallas, it has a shimmer to it and it's absolutely gorgeous, especially in person!

I had to get the buttons covered in the fabric so that we could sew them on/in.  It was super easy!!  At any local JoAnn's or Hancock Fabrics you can find this button covering kit. Here it is step by step to cover buttons, talk about easy!!!

In the kit there is a circular form that you draw out on your fabric, this gives you the exact amount of fabric needed to cover the button(s).

Next, you cut them out.

Here are the button forming pieces, all you need is your fabric and a hammer.

Place your metal button in the center of the cut out.

Then you will push both the fabric and button into this form.

After that, fold the excess fabric into the form and onto the back of the button.

Next, place the backing of the button on.

The blue piece goes on next, and hammer slightly to secure the back of the button.

After this, push the finished button out of the form.

Finished product! 

It got pretty impressive for me at this point. My husband searched YouTube how to button tuft.  He got out the needle and thread and threaded them through the holes they previously drilled. Then made a slip-knot to make sure the button was nice and secure and tight.

13 buttons later it was done and ready to hang!!!
And here she is in all her glory!!  I love it!!!

I wanted a very clean and beautiful room in all white.  I wanted a haven that I got to go relax and sleep like a queen!! I also wanted it to be all about my husband and I.  I added several things from our wedding and things that remind us of marriage.

This frame reads a "Marriage Prayer"

Here is our wedding invitation framed in a crystal frame.

I really enjoy our bedroom now, its just what I wanted!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gettin' My Craft On!

I sincerely apologize for being gone so long, but I'm going to abundantly make up for my absence in the next few weeks.

My son, whom I blogged about regularly while he was still in my womb, is about to turn the BIG 1!!!!  This mommy is excited!  This also explains why I have little to no time to blog, since I'm constantly chasing an almost toddler!  I have been planning and planning for this eventful day.  I want to get a jump start so I'm not pouring out buckets of money all at once, and also so I'm not scrambling around trying to get everything done last minute and then it turning out looking mediocre!

Today, I made these "Ringmaster Stools" cost me a whopping $2!! I got planters from Walmart and went to town!

The next step was to add the embellishments. And I needed one of my all time favorites! Mod Podge!

Next, I cut the embellishments out, one by my free hand. 

For this, I have a nifty little thing that cuts out perfect circles of all sizes.  It's so easy to use!!  There are several size rings that have a razor blade that fit into this groove and you slide it around, and voila!! A perfect circle!

Mod Podge on my embellishments and the finish product... 

I bet you can't guess what the theme is?

The next thing I got crackin' on is something that will be placed when you walk in.  I bought a clear plastic "paint" can at another favorite, Hobby Lobby, was probably a couple bucks.  But, I got out my Mod Podge, my scrapbook paper and jazzed it up!  We got some clown noses for a great deal at Oriental Trading and the finished product is adorable!

Ok, this is all I'm giving away until after the party!  It's going to be awesome!!  Stay tuned for my next D.I.Y. post, it'll be a good one!!