Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Comfort and the Expectant Mother

When you're 6 months pregnant and the belly is in full bloom, comfort is vital!  I'd like to share a few comfort/cute clothing items I am loving at the moment!

I usually sleep in tank tops, as this baby is getting bigger and bigger those tanks are becoming tighter and tigher and alot less comfortable to sleep in! 

These nursing tops from Old Navy are wonderful!!!  They have an empire waist and are roomy in the belly area.  I know what you are thinking "these aren't really maternity"... you are right, but they work for maternity, and since postpartum you will still have some of a belly.  I thought this would be a smart buy since I can use these now and after the baby is born.

Comfort is important, but hey looking cute is important too!!!  So here are a few things I picked up from Motherhood

I love the colors and the appliques on this top!

The flowers in this top are so bright and "Spring-y"

These cargo pants double as capris and pants, just unbutton the cuff and roll down, a great choice for this unpredictable Texas weather!

And just for plain cuteness look at this adorable tank I found at Moody Mamas, and for only $10, what a steal!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm a Winner!!!

I am the PROUD winner of a fabulous giveaway hosted by my good friend Megan at I like it, I love it!!

What I won is this gorgeous one-of-a-kind top by Etta Grace.  She has so many unique designs you must check out!

If you haven't yet visited the lovely Meg's blog you must do so now!  You can't miss her inspiring "What I Wore Wednesday" posts, she displays wonderfully fresh fashion ideas that you'll no doubt want to copy!  So head on over to I like it, I love it! and follow her today!

And a special "thank you" to Megan for hosting such a fabulous giveaway and to Etta Grace for this fun opportunity!!  I can't wait to sport my fab new top!!

Make a wish!!

My 26th birthday is in t-minus 10 days!  This is the first year I haven't really been all into it, and counting down the days, (well until just now)! I'm sure it's because there are way more important things going on than my little ol' birthday, after all it is just another day...

That said, a girl can dream and wish right??

I have been on the fence for a while as to which e-reader to get, and if I should even get one, but I think if I did, I'd choose this one:
The NOOKcolor, it has millions of books just at your fingertips!  It is a bit pricey, but such a cool gadget don't ya think?

The practical purchaser in me would say " Is this really worth the money? How often would you really use this?"  But then there's that side of me that really wants it and would love the convenience of it and let's face it, the coolness of this hand-held gadget.  Maybe one day in the future I will invest in this nifty little contraption!  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How It All Began!

I guess I should start with how it all began...
My husband and I weren't discussing "trying" and we thought we were a good year or two from contemplating becoming parents.  Well God knew better!  At this time in our lives we were going through a major life changing possibility, my young, healthy mother was awaiting the results to know if she had breast cancer.  "Surely not"..."It's not in your family history"..."You're so healthy" we told ourselves.  Monday, September 13, 2010 we got the devestating news that not only did she have a malignant lump one, but in BOTH breasts!! You can imagine our shock!  As we were adjusting to this life altering turn of events, Thursday September 16, 2010, I came home with a pregnancy test.  I had thought my monthly visitor was on its way but still no I was getting paranoid.  We were about to meet my in-laws for dinner and while we waited I took the test, it was positive.  I told my husband hesitantly the results to which he urged me to take another, so I did and again...positive. 

I was really excited and elated!  I was also freaked, "me??? pregnant??" We went and had a lovely dinner with the in-laws all the while I was completely distracted!  We got home and I thought I'd take one more, just for good measure, and of course another positive result.  We were excited, happy and in shock!  There was still one last thing to do, we had to tell everyone.  We are all so very close everyone would know something was up, so I had to announce this before someone guessed!  We planned to have a nice homecooked meal at my parents the next day and invite my husbands parents as well.  We didn't want to tell one set of parents before the other.  No one suspected a thing!  I wanted to tell them in a creative way and I always thought the saying "bun in the oven" was a cute/funny saying.  So I was in charge of bringing the dessert!
They were beyond thrilled!!! Our parents had been saying they were ready and excited to be grandparents, their wish had come true!  Monday, a devestating diagnosis, Friday, a bundle of joy!!

God knew exactly what our family needed and at the perfect time!! 

Baby Ward, due June 2, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning the ropes!

After many failed attempts and MUCH assistance from friends, I have my new blog up and running!!  I am still learning the ropes in the very unfamiliar world of blogging so bear with me!  I am going to do my best at keeping this thing updated as I can, as well as keeping my devoted followers informed and updated on my pregnancy and the joys that comes with it!  Stay tuned....