Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love Beauty Products?

I sure do!! If you're anything like me, and can't get enough beauty products, you need to do this too!! My friend told me about this amazing website called Birchbox. It's only $10 a month and each month they send you a box full of samples of the best name brand beauty products! I just got mine in today and I was practically giddy with excitement when I saw that hot pink box!! Also, the more friends you refer and they list your name as to how they found out about their wonderful website, you earn points where you can buy the full-size product that you fell in love with from your last birchbox. I love getting fun mail, and this is like a present just for you each and every month, what girl wouldn't love that?? Here's what I got in this months box:

Color Club Nail Polish in "Status Update"
Kate Spade Eau de Parfum Spray called Twirl
Boscia Oil-free Nightly Hydration
Tili Plastic zip-lock baggie
WEI go Beauty Real Clean Gelled Oil Cleanser & Ideal Skin Perfect Finish
A $25 coupon to Madewell
Twistband hairband

All that for $10!!!!!!! That's a steal!

In previous boxes I have gotten earbuds for my iPhone, a full size liquid eye-liner (which I love), other perfume samples like Juicy Couture, lipgloss, lip stain, anti-aging cream and much more!! Remember they are all those expensive brand name products! Sign up to get yours!! And say Lesley Ward referred you, please, so I get reward points!

Friday, September 21, 2012

This and That...

What have I been up to lately?  That's a good question (obviously not blogging, right??).  Well let me make up for that!  But, actually the answer is pretty simple: nothing! Other than trying to keep up with a toddler and losing the baby weight (YES, STILL!!) I don't have that exciting of a life. I do a little decorating/updating the house here and there, go to the gym when I can if I feel like it!  Oh, and chase this little babe, named Zane around my house all day!  He is quite a little character and so much fun, more about Zane in just a minute.

I mentioned I do a little decorating time to time, if the wallet allows and time permits. My one big eye sore in my home was the laundry room! Everytime I come home I enter my house through the garage and the laundry room is the first room I see.  It's a teensy little room, which used to be a deep red, and made it seem even smaller. I knew I wanted to re-paint this room, but I couldn't nail down a fun exciting color.  You're thinking "What, red isn't an exciting enough color for you???"  Well I'm kind of over red. Since I kept him-hawing around I decided to just go for it and paint it the same color as the rest of the house, real exciting right? You know, it's just a pain with those huge washer and drying machines to paint it a "fad" color and then paint it another "fad" color a year later when the previous color is no longer "in".  Since I lack alot of room in this room, I knew I needed something to hang-dry my clothes on.  I wanted something quirky and functional. I looked at Ballard Designs, but their drying racks were way more than I wanted to spend! But luckily, one day I stumbled upon this gem at Hobby Lobby!

note: the wall color. Behr Brown Teepee

The wire baskets are perfect for those lost socks and the hooks I can hang my non-dryables on them! I love it! While I was at Hobby Lobby I bought the overly large safety pin, I thought it blended well! I have more ideas for a blank wall in this room that I haven't gotten to yet, but will sometime this year, I hope!

I confess, I am a little bit of an organizing freak! Like I said earlier, Zane is all over the place, and that means so are his toys!! I used to just line them up neatly in the corner of our living room and it looked alright for about 5 seconds until he pulled them all over the place again.  One day while at Target, I saw they had these big wicker baskets with a chalkboard label sign thing on the front and back. I had to have it!! Now Zane's toys are out of the way and it looks much more organized! Of course he knows this is HIS basket and the toys don't stay in for long, but that's ok, he's a baby and playing and exploring is his job!

The official first day of Autumn will be here tomorrow!  I couldn't wait to get my fall decor out since Dallas is actually having some not-so-sweltering-heat at the moment.  It just felt fall-like! There's not much but here's some  pics.

I found this free printable via Pinterest, click the link to get it too! And, Follow me!

I am obsessed with Pinterest!  It gives me so many great DIY ideas and recipes! This next project I also found off the addicting site right here!

I got my very inexpensive cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby, where else? Along with the spray paint and Command Strips for hanging.  Cost about $12, the Command Strips were the most expensive!!

Thes little suckers go on alot like velcro, except they lack the fuzzy side. The plastic teeth-like things lock together. You stick one on the object to hang and then lock the other on top, remove the film cover and press on the area to hang, cool right? And ta-da!!

And my FAVORITE project that I have done is the newborn shadow box of Zane. I also saw this idea on Pinterest and saw that one of my mommy friends had done this also. So next thing you know I am at Michael's (you thought I was going to say Hobby Lobby!) And found a shadow box on sale, bought some pearl needles and when I got home I raided Zane's closet for things that were very sentimental and reminded me of when he was born. I will cherish this shadow box forever!!!!!

I made it large so you can see, it's hard to tell with the glare of the glass. Inside I have his birth announcement, a picture from when he was just minutes old, the t-shirt they dressed him in and the hospital cap, as well as his hospital wrist-band.  I also added a sonogram picture and the corsage I saved from one of my beautiful showers!  This was so easy to make and my heart melts each time I see it!

So since we are on the topic of Zane, let me get you up to speed on how my little man is doing!  He is almost 16 months now. He started walking at the beginning of September and it is so cute!!!! He is constantly asking "What's this?" and of course I tell him.  He knows too, cause later my husband and I will ask him "Where's the fan?" and he points right up to it! He knows alot, he is a very smart boy! He loves to make people laugh and is constantly trying to get a reaction and a giggle out of his audience. This child eats and eats, however at his 15mo check up he only grew 3/4 of an inch and gained 1.75 pounds.  He is small like his mother, cause we KNOW it's not lack of nourishment. He loves bananas like crazy, green beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, avocado, onions (he's nuts), chicken, beef, pork, meatloaf, you name it!!!! The only thing he is not a fan of is strawberries and a few other fruits. He and I snuggle every night at bedtime and daddy takes him to bed after he's dozed off. I love our snuggle time, he lays his head on my chest every night! A few weeks back he really got into this hat phase! He would see a hat and would HAVE to wear it, whether he was being rocked to sleep or eating in his highchair or going grocery shopping. Here are a few pictures.
Where it all started, he saw his Poppie's hat and wore it for a whole weekend and then some!

Then he saw his straw fedora in his closet and we had to wear it to Brookshire's. Adorable!

Here he's wearing the hat his uncle got him!

So there you have it, our last few months in a not-so-much nutshell.  I told you I'd make up for lost time! Stay tuned for more exciting projects to come and more Zane updates!