Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Showered with Love!!

I know what you're thinking "long time, no post!" but not to fear I'm going to let you all in on what's been keeping me so busy and away from the blogging world...
BABY SHOWERS!!!  It's been so much fun!  I had 2 amazing baby showers, 1 given by lovely co-workers and the 2nd given by family and close friends!  (I'm still waiting on pics from my 1st shower) but in the mean time, here is the 2nd one:

First things first, ALL the credit that went in to making my baby shower as absolutely fabulous as it was goes to these lovely ladies whom I love so very much, my hostesses:
These ladies poured their heart and soul and some very long nights into my shower and I could not be more grateful to them!!

Everything that was planned was a surprise to me so when I walked in, I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful goodness I saw!

What a sweet and clever way for Zane and I to remember and cherish this day!  Every guest left us a sweet note and some words of wisdom!

The favors:

You may not remember, but in one of my very first blogs I told the story of how we announced our "bun in the oven".  How fitting was this as favors?? LOVE it!!

The Spread:
Aren't those flowers fabulous??  The "vase" is an alphabet block that my mother-in-law worked so hard on painting it, such a great idea!!  It will be going in the nursery!

My mom and mother-in-law found this, this was something I saw and really wanted and look how great it looks amidst the flowers!

The invitation (a little too bright to see, sorry)

Sitr sticks made by my talented sister-in-law and dad!

Milk and Cookies Bar:

Such a cute idea!!!  Loved every bit of this!

And there's more...
Me and my wonderful sister-in-law, notice the adorably creative corsage she made!

This is an amazing growth chart specially made all by my aunt and cousin, who is a very talented artist! 
There you have it!!  I feel abundantly loved and Zane will too!!  A BIG thank you to all who made this day possible and so incredibly special!! Now just a count down to his arrival!! 


  1. Omg that looks like a huge party!

    New follower from the Social Parade Blog Hop! :)
    Jen @ My Secret Home

  2. Congrats on your baby boy! Such an amazing baby shower! What a blessing! :) I am your newest follower from social parade. If I knew for sure I would look as cute as you while pregnant...then I might think about it! You are adorable!:)


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