Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Linking up today with Heather @ The Curvy Life and Jamie with This Kind of Love.

Since being 9 months pregnant now and very uncomfortable here are the things I am loving right now!

My Boppy pregnancy pillow!  This baby is a life saver!!!  I turn it into a "u" shape so on one side it supports my achy back and on the other it supports my heavy belly!  I can actually sleep pretty comfortably!!

God bless my hubby!  He gives me nightly foot massages after I take my shower.  Since I can no longer reach my feet or legs well enough to apply my favorite lotion:
he goes ahead and rubs my feet while he lotions me up!  I look forward to this every night and so do my poor, achy swollen feet!!

I am absolutely LOVING my brand new, hand-made cradle built by my dad himself!  And the cradle bedding hand-made by my mother herself! I cannot wait to lay Zane down in this beauty!!

You can see more of his nursery here!  Now Zane hurry it up, we are all waiting impatiently!


  1. that's nice of your husband to run your feet & those boppy pego pillows are awesome!

  2. Love the crib!!!

    Those are some awesome things that you are loving today!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  3. What a sweet hubby you have! And I just LOVE the handmade crib and bedding - that just makes it all the more special. :)


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