Monday, April 9, 2012

Gettin' My Craft On!

I sincerely apologize for being gone so long, but I'm going to abundantly make up for my absence in the next few weeks.

My son, whom I blogged about regularly while he was still in my womb, is about to turn the BIG 1!!!!  This mommy is excited!  This also explains why I have little to no time to blog, since I'm constantly chasing an almost toddler!  I have been planning and planning for this eventful day.  I want to get a jump start so I'm not pouring out buckets of money all at once, and also so I'm not scrambling around trying to get everything done last minute and then it turning out looking mediocre!

Today, I made these "Ringmaster Stools" cost me a whopping $2!! I got planters from Walmart and went to town!

The next step was to add the embellishments. And I needed one of my all time favorites! Mod Podge!

Next, I cut the embellishments out, one by my free hand. 

For this, I have a nifty little thing that cuts out perfect circles of all sizes.  It's so easy to use!!  There are several size rings that have a razor blade that fit into this groove and you slide it around, and voila!! A perfect circle!

Mod Podge on my embellishments and the finish product... 

I bet you can't guess what the theme is?

The next thing I got crackin' on is something that will be placed when you walk in.  I bought a clear plastic "paint" can at another favorite, Hobby Lobby, was probably a couple bucks.  But, I got out my Mod Podge, my scrapbook paper and jazzed it up!  We got some clown noses for a great deal at Oriental Trading and the finished product is adorable!

Ok, this is all I'm giving away until after the party!  It's going to be awesome!!  Stay tuned for my next D.I.Y. post, it'll be a good one!!

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