Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dear Zane...

April, 6 2013
22 months, 14 days

Zane, I know I've told you how smart you are, but for a parent to watch their child grow and learn so much just overnight is amazing!! You point to things and say the word, I haven't even taught these to you yet. I'm also learning that you are very observant-I think you get that from your daddy! You know the difference between a fork and spoon (which you learned just this week, apparently!) Right now, while you are still learning to say things, Mommy can always understand what you are saying. Sometimes I will have to tell everyone else what you are asking or telling us. Some of your words sound very similar, like "balloon" and "ball", and "down" and "done." But, Zane, you say things very well, so I do not always have to show people what you want. You have no idea how many words you learn so fast! I have been keeping a "word count" of your entire vocabulary, so when the doctor asks me, I know exactly how many words you know. I update it often, that's how fast you learn and how smart you are!!

One of our favorite things to see you do is to "run fast!" You tuck your head down, put your arms out behind you, like wings, and take off running as fast as you can! Sometimes you'll but your back up against the wall and want us to say "on your mark, get set, GO!!" And off you go, giggling all the way!   You are so funny, and so much fun to be around! You entertain us all the time. We really do wonder what we did before you came along. 

Mommy and Daddy, and EVERYONE loves you so much! You are a very special boy!

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