Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bringing Home Baby!

Going Home!

The first few weeks and several months after becoming a brand new parent are TERRIFYING!!! During the 9 long months of pregnancy you prepare and read all the books soaking in all the great parenting advice and what to expect, let me just say-NOTHING can prepare you for when the time comes you are home alone and the only one in charge of caring for the tiny little human you just brought into this world! At home, there are no nurses or doctors there to help. I spent that day staring at Zane waiting for him to wake up and then trying to know what it was he wanted. I'd think "when all else fails, fed him! That should do the trick!" For us, a fresh diaper and some formula usually worked! We are extremely blessed and have an "easy" baby as they call it, no such thing! All babies are hard because you have no idea what you are doing! But, he did not have colic, reflux or food allergies, no screaming cries, so in a sense he was easy!

First night at home.

1st day home alone! Just staring and waiting.
In the beginning I obsessed about everything, like which brand of formula is the best (I didn't breastfeed), obsessing about sanitizing the bottles and the million little parts that went with them, then if he was cold or too warm,  also not wanting to take him anywhere because he hadn't had any shots yet, worrying if his head was being jostled around in that carseat, making sure he was breathing, checking if he was still breathing, OH and triple checking he was breathing!!! This never got old, it was going to drive me crazy and eventually it did! I slept with my bedside lamp on and would stare at him from my bed, me not sleeping like I should have been! Then the obsession grew to dressing him in stripes at night, this made it easier for me to see his chest rising and falling. It took a long time for me to be able to sleep with that lamp off! Also, you question how do I care for the umbilical cord, and YIKES his winkie looks painful and I was scared to death of it! I made about a million and one late night calls to the doctor about this! I will never forget making an "emergency" appointment because it started bleeding. Crying to the doctor, I said "I'm scared I ruined his peepee forever!!! People will make fun of him!" (Yes, I used the highly sophisticated word "peepee" when crying to the doctor) To which the doctor examined him and said "It's fine! He will look like all the other 7th grade boys in the locker room." I was relieved!! From then on I put vaseline on some gauze and covered "it" to keep it safe and let it heal until the plasti-bell fell off. This was also the day I drove him for the first time. I was shaking! I stayed in the farthest right hand lane of the highway the entire time! I have a sedan and his carseat would only fit on the passenger side in the back seat, so I figured staying in this lane, if someone were to hit me it would be on my side not his! I went just under 60 mph, keeping my hands at 10 and 2 and always using my signal! Eventually, this got easier and less scary. I was also nervous the first time I had to trim his nails, worried I'd cut his little fingers. His first bath was an experience too! Don't get the umbilical cord wet, just lightly clean around it...and that dreaded circumcised area again-don't submerge him in water until it's healed...I forgot, do I start cleaning head to toe or head last? Oh then he just peed all over me and himself, I need to start over. And they will cry because they are cold and this makes you more frantic to hurry so you can comfort your newborn and make the crying stop! But this my friend is easier said than done! Wet, wiggly babies are hard to hold onto!!  

I keep looking back at pictures from the beginning to remind myself of that chaotic time, it's almost like I blocked it out, maybe it was the lack of sleep or the fact that I have "baby brain" still. I obviously no longer have a newborn, rather, a 16 month old who is ALL OVER THE PLACE and constantly keeping me on my toes (still), But now bath time is fun! Trimming nails is NOT! And the winkie department is no longer scary! I could probably change a diaper in my sleep. I am still quite aware and cautious when I drive with him, I refuse to text and drive (you've seen those commercials). We made it past those scary times and know there will be more to come! It's all entirely worth it! Zane is currently in my lap helping me type, so I apologize for any random letters thrown in the mix...and now I smell something unpleasant, and have given you all a frightening glimpse into my crazy mommy brain, so I think I'll wrap this up! At first everything is new and scary, but you get the hang of it and I always think of Trace Adkins' song "You're Gonna Miss This" you will, it was exciting just as much as scary! I love each stage with Zane, but there's nothing like your first experience having a newborn!

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  1. I feel like you are refering to a specific family member when saying Zane was an easy baby. :)


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