Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Being a Mommy...HONESTLY??

Well, my SIL suggested a new feature for my blog, get ready...Being A Mommy - the good, the bad and the (ahem) ugly!!! The blog is titled "Mommy in the Making" and I think parents are always "in the making" we are constantly learning new things and your children constantly keep you on your toes! Each child will give you different things to experience and learn, afterall they are different people! I am only a mother of one, so far, but I have a sibling and know well enough each child will give a parent different joys and challenges.

SO! Being brutally honest? Even about the hard, not-so-fun things? This could bring alot of judgment my way as well as harsh criticism. Here is my stance: each parent is different in the way they choose to discipline, teach and play, etc. This is OUR way and we do not think it's better than anyone elses, we are just doing the best we can and yes sometimes we fail, we are human too!  Let me just say (and I will keep reminding in my posts that I LOVE my son with every ounce of my body!!! I would die for him!

Who is Zane? Well he is the most amazing 17 month old! He is stunningly smart, outrageously goofy-he is always making us laugh until our sides hurt! He is stubborn and he is mischevious. He has a mean streak, but is usually very sweet and cuddly. He will do anything for a laugh, so we feel sure that in the school days we will get the occasional phone call "Mrs. Ward? Zane is acting up and getting the other kids all worked up" He's a little performer, but hopefully we will be able to teach him the right time and place for being "class clown." For right now, we let him have fun and be a baby, but do try and discipline when he is doing things he knows he shouldn't!

Here I go, embarking on this new blog idea, I hope I'm not judged too terribly and bring some good laughs and maybe some tears along the way! Stay-tuned for my very 1st honest post! I'm waiting for our little guy to give me a good story, that shouldn't take too long! I will try to always have a picture accompanying the experiences, some could be quite gross! You've been warned!


  1. I absolutely love it! Granted, a mommy I am not but a mommy I hope to be one day and I think that the GOOD and the BAD are what make being a mommy the BEST!!! You are so lucky that you get to stay home and see ALL of it!! I beg that you continue to post--with no holding back about it ALL!!! The mommies I know, NEED it, they need to know they're not the only ones goes cray cray! Lesley, you are an AMAZINGGGGGGGG mother! I don't think I could have imagine a better mommy for Zane and I learn so much from you as a mommy to be!!! I love you! -NOTE: No spell check on this comment so forgive me for whatever I mis-spelled now! I've had a glass of char!

    1. Aw! Thank you!! That is the BEST compliment I have ever received! LU!

  2. No mother should judge another. Motherhood is indeed one of the hardest jobs in the world but brings the greatest rewards. My little guy had cholic for the first 4 months, it was nightmarish but now he is 5 and healthy and a joy to have.


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