Monday, October 29, 2012

Outdoors-y Kind of Guy

Zane has discovered the outdoors and seriously LOVES it! This kid cannot get enough of being outdoors! When we aren't inside eating, napping or watching Zane rearrange my furniture, we are outside! Since he started walking about 2 months ago, shoes are our new favorite accessory (hats have been put on the shelf, literally!) He will bring me his shoes and whine for me to put them on! Or if his shoes are well out of sight, he goes to the back door and whines. Yes, I am fully aware that dogs do these same kind of things when they want to go for a walk or go potty outside, but the only thing I can say is that other than myself and John Allen, his two greatest targets to torture companions are Nova-our German Shepherd and Starrla-our Yorkie. We may be dealing with a bit of identity crisis. We are also pretty sure he tries to bark and we may or may not have caught him picking food up with his mouth to eat. Atleast he hasn't started to eat dog food yet!

Since we have been spending so much time outdoors he needed toys! All he would want to do is play in the mud and sling mud around and transport mud from one place to another, this usually resulted in him getting the hose afterwards in order to go back inside. I guess this is just how boys play? I am pretty certain I never played in mud as a child. My two dogs are actually cleaner than Zane!!

Trust me, this is a mild muddy baby!
So, we needed to buy this already VERY spoiled baby some outdoor toys. We got him the cutest little trampoline at SAMs, for $139. It is low to the ground and comes with the nets to prevent falling. He loves getting in there and just sitting, I don't think he has the confidence to really jump yet. He also has a cute little wagon he likes to push around and gather random items.

I really have to go now, Zane decided to stand in the dog's water bowl, his footie pajamas...sloshing around...on my clean floors!!

hugs anyone?

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  1. HAHA! I love it! He's the cutest mess I've ever seen!


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