Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet My Zane!

This year for my husband and my 5 year Anniversary we decided to do something fun and for the whole family.  It's not too often this chance comes around to have a 3D sonogram that falls on the date of your anniversary, so we took advantage!  Supposedly the best times to have this done is around the 28th-32nd week of your pregnancy, this is to allow the fat to accumulate on your growing little baby! 

There is this fabulous little spa in Rockwall just for preggo's, La Bella Belly.  I have visited once before to get a prenatal massage and loved it!  They also offer facials, pedicures, manicures and my fave 3D sonograms, and much more!! 

I invited the immediate family to share in the fun, unique experience and I can speak for us all that we loved EVERY minute of it!  Here are some great shots we got of our son, Zane!

So peaceful!

He definitely has my husband's lips!

Here with his hand over his eye, LOVE it!

Pondering life...

Resting his face on his little hand

Sticking his tongue out, I believe he is trying to get to his thumb here!  Taking after his mommy and may be a thumb sucker

His father makes this face too!  I love those lips!

Of course I am a proud momma!  And just can't get enough of these pictures!  We also received a teddy bear that when you squeeze it's tummy you hear Zane's heartbeat, it's a wonderful little gift!  In addition, we went home with a dvd, set to music of the entire sonogram and the cd with all the still pictures.  I will be honest this experience was a little bit pricey, but it is worth EVERY PENNY!! 

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  1. This is so interesting! I did not even know they had 3-d baby sonogram imagery.
    That's so cool.
    Your new follower.
    Alison :)


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