Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nursery D.I.Y. - Plus a Sneak Peek!

Baby Zane's arrival date is quickly approaching, so I have been working away to getting his room ready!  The hard part is FINALLY over!!  Meaning the walls are painted and the centerpiece on the main wall is done!  Hallelujah!!  So here is what I envisioned:


 I wanted to create something fun, so I decided stripes would look great since there are stripes in the bedding too!  First we painted the entire room the cream color you see.  Next, thanks to my ever so handy, construction savvy dad, he measured and drew out the stripes in no time flat!  Then we taped it off and went to work!

Here it is all painted!  There were some areas that needed some touching up, so I got started straightening those lines up!  Talk about teadious work, especially with my very keen eyesight and perfectionist nature!

What I envisioned next was a wall vinyl with his initial, Z.  I wanted something classy yet not feminine, so off to Etsy I went on a mission to find the perfect decal!  Done!

Not just that, it needed a little something extra so I decided an open black frame would do just the trick!  So I headed to my local Hobby Lobby in search for the perfect frame!  It had to be big and it had to be perfectly square and also detailed to bring some elegance.  As luck would have it, I found it!  It was exactly what I wanted and there was only 1 left, not to mention 66% off!!  What a steal!!! 

On the agenda next was to hang these fabulous finds and they have to be perfectly straight, again there's that perfectionist in me!  My dearest hubby thought he was up to the task to please his hormonal and picky wife.  I have to say he did great! 

He very kindly painted the frame solid black and I looped some ribbon through to hang it by, and also giving it some extra cuteness!!  Here he is holding it for me so I could determine how high it needed to be and if it was centered etc.

Next came strategically placing the decal, again perfectly in the center.

Ready for adhesion!!!


 View walking in
Ok, as if that weren't enough, I wanted to replace the knob pulls on the dresser/changer.  The ones that came on it were rather plain and I wanted something more. 

(Ignore the random accessories)

So again, off to the trusty Hobby Lobby! I found some that were the right colors of the nursery and striped, and also 50% off! What luck!!  

This picture does not do them much justice, but in person it looks GREAT!!!!

And closer up....

My projects are completed for now, I have another on the way and I will let you in on that fun activity soon!  Hope you enjoyed my project adventure and the sneak peek into Zane's domain!


  1. Those walls look fabulous!! Good job! Can't wait to see it all complete and little Zane laying in it!

  2. This is so great! I love the mongram above the crib.... i am a preppy at heart I guess.
    You have to share pics when you have Baby Zane in his handsome new room.
    Great post!


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