Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eating Right!

When it comes to eating well and being a mommy, it's not the easiest job in the world! Eating healthy means preparation, and lots of it! You have to plan ahead what meals you're going to cook for the week and plan what exactly what get on your grocery shopping day, unless you want to go back and forth several times a week-I DON'T! Especially with a baby, that's madness! Then each day you have to remember to thaw out your meat so it's ready to cook in time for hubby to be home. I am only talking about dinner, folks! Meals inbetween (what are those) ha! I am busy enough during the day feeding my tot and making sure that's healthy too! Tired yet? I am!! But luckily I have found quick, healthy things for me to eat.

This is my new favorite!!! I just happened to stumble upon this one day. It's 250 calories and super
tasty!!! A great breafast option.

 I make a big batch of this green smoothie and refridgerate it so I can have it on the go. It's spinach, kale, a cut up pear, a whole banana, 1 cup of Chobani yogurt and some Almond milk (I just eyeball it).

Then you saw yesterday how I made several omelets and froze them for quick heating and eating. Get the instructions HERE!

Check out this nifty gadget! I got this on Amazon for $8, really! And it takes all the guess work out of portion control. There is even a line inside the holes that are for 1/2 a cup and filled up is 1 full cup. Cool huh?

For dinner, one of my quick "go to" meals is Skinny Taste's Turkey Meatloaf.  I found the recipe off Pinterest and it's Husband Approved! Steam some broccoli and whole grain rice and voila!

This shows you how to make several mini loaves, but I make it all in one.
Have you guys heard of Hungry Girl? You can sign up here for free emails and daily healthy recipes. There is also a cookbook which I have. It's got this great Crock-pot pulled pork recipe!! Zane loves it!! I will get some more good recipes up here for yall in the near future, you know me, I love to cook!!

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