Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Did you miss me?? Well, I have been M.I.A. for a while because, suddenly my Dell laptop (our only computer other than an iPad) died!! So for Christmas I received a brand new laptop! An Apple Mac Book Pro!!!! This girl is HAPPY!!!! Y'all, this computer is cool and waaay smarter than me! I can text from it, has retina display, I mean I'm not sure what all it can do, but probably everything! So, I guess you don't have to guess that I am really, truly loving this!!!

Also, I got a 5qt. Kitchen Aid mixer! It's about time I am catching up with the times and ditch my hand held mixer! Isn't she a beauty? I can't wait to mix up some good grubs! I got a shredding/slicing attachment from the Hubs too! I've wanted one of those! FYI- I am not one of those women that hate "practical" gifts such as things around the house, I LOVE it! A vacuum, a blender or mixer...I will gladly take. People, I ASK for these kinds of gifts!

It took me forever to find this through Blogger!
This year Zane was really into presents and toys! It was amazing and so fun to watch! I taught him exactly what to do with presents, shake them!! You say the word "presents" to him, and he will pretend to shake an imaginary present! One thing I have come to really realize as a parent is they do mimic what they see you do a lot. So, I guess I clean a lot more than I thought. Zane will go get my mop from the "mop spot" and from across the room I see what looks like a floating mop handle, you know, think of the Disney movie Fantasia. Well I got him a mop and broom and vacuum (that has a dust buster attached) of his own. And with all the Elmo crap he got this year, his favorite toys are the cleaning supplies! Ladies, I am doing something right because this kid has been doing nothing but vacuuming, sweeping and mopping non-stop! Sometimes he will do all 3 at the same time!! Don't think for a second I won't soak his mop in cleaning solution while I am mopping too, lighten my cleaning load, don't judge, he likes it!

And folks, guess what...after 12 Christmases together, the Hubs went shopping all on his own and picked me up these gems. He knew I have had my eye on these and he remembered and went to get them all on his own! He kept them in his truck for about 2 weeks since because I'm a major snooper!!!

Nate Berkus for Target, I die!
Plus I got my favorite bath scrub and lots of jewelry, his sister helped him out in the jewelry department!
This is the best scrub ever! It's not in the least bit oily, so you won't bust your behind in the shower or junk up your tub! Places EVERYWHERE used to be sold out of this stuff by Black Friday (did I really just capitalize those words like it's a real Holiday?) It was on Oprah's Favorite Things years and years ago, and finally it's more available, but it really is the best!!

These aren't about Christmas, but some of my new faves.  I had been using Bare Minerals make-up for a long time now, ever since it became "the thing" but lately it has begun to make my face itch! No bueno!! And my face is dry and breaks out more than it used to! So, a few months ago I went to the Derm, he said Bare Minerals is the best, but I disagree! Sephora and our best Dallas mall, NorthPark has a store for this brand called Make Up For Ever. It has the best coverage I've ever seen! It is some what pricey, but what good make-up isn't? All I had to buy was the liquid foundation and compact powder. I don't even need concealer, and I have dark under eye circles! This make-up makes my face look flawless (and trust me, it's not!) and it makes it look as smooth as Zane's booty! Oh, did I mention it's waterproof?

And I also picked up THE BEST MOISTURIZER EVER!!!!! Also made by Philosophy and you can buy a small jar at Sephora for $15 that will probably last you a good long while! Hope In A Jar! It exfoliates as it moisturizes. Seriously, my face has never felt better!!
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! And don't think I am a huge spoiled brat...I am spoiled I must admit because I have such a generous, loving family that I don't deserve, but I love them ALL so so much!! I am a blessed woman! What all are you all loving?? Linking up with Jamie @ This Kind Of Love.

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