Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Omelet Anyone?

I'm not sure what got me into the "omelet mood" but I have been! It's a yummy, healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner! I think I had my first omelet on our honeymoon...7 years ago. You can put anything you want in it! Here's how I like mine:

 I use spinach, mushrooms and green onion and tomatoes

My cut up tomatoes and green onions

First spray your pan with a non-stick spray, I use Smart Balance because there is zero fat and calories!
Then I saute the spinach and mushrooms!
It looks like alot of spinach, but it will cook waaaay down!
Got my tupperware dishes all set out and ready to go, for quick and easy freezing!

See it cooks down!
Add the tomatoes and onion and saute a little bit.

Add your eggs, or egg whites or I use egg beaters.

After it cooks and firms up a little bit I roll the uncooked eggs around the edges to cook, this makes it easier to fold later!

With a wooden spoon, fold edges.  It's important you use a non-stick pan.
Folded over and ready to eat! Yum
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  1. Yum! That looks good but I think I would manage to screw it up somehow!

    1. They make an omelet pan that you can get, I'm definitely getting one! It's easy!

  2. That looks delicious and I'm not even a huge fan of eggs. You made it look so pretty, too!
    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award. If you'd like, you can swing by my blog to learn more about it!

    1. Oh, thank you. Except I recently got awarded that a couple weeks ago.

  3. That looks so good!! I am SO making this!!

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