Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gettin' my sexy back!

Well, in all my blogging days I have purposely avoided this...the "get fit" topic. No more, my friends!! I guess since giving birth recently 18 months ago, I am finally at a point that I'm completely sick of how I look and feel in clothes! I miss my old body and the joy of running, really! My biggest problem is food, and portion control. Well actually, unhealthy food as well. When you have a husband who doesn't have to really watch what he eats, it makes it hard and also easy to say "ok yeah get me some Whataburger too!" I am tired of unhealthy food, I guess I finally got my fill!!!

Before I was pregnant I was fit people! And I ate very well!! I kept candy and junk food in the house (for the hubs) and I wouldn't touch it. Will power like crazy! I had this routine, I'd get to work, drink my coffee and maybe have some oatmeal. At lunch, I'd eat my sandwich with a side of fruit and on my way home eat a snack. I'd come home, change into my workout gear and hit the gym. When I got home I'd cook dinner. Same thing everyday! Monotonous, perhaps but it worked for me! I rarely ever ate fast food or sweets, I was not a fan of sweets, truly. That changed! I rarely had soft drinks and was obsessed with calorie counting and burning! I was 115, and my belly was flat as a board!

Honeymoon, 2006

Really skinny me @ Warrior Dash 2010
There was a time before I got into fitness that I had gained some, not fat just not happy with my body. It happened after marriage of course, and I was about 125. Then I got the fitness bug and got so addicted to running I'd run on my lunch breaks if I knew I couldn't make the gym after work. My family still gives me a hard time that I used to literally run to the gym to run and then I'd run home! I'm not even kidding!
Daytona, 2010 Washboard, I tell ya!
Out of the blue, going about my usually routine, I found out I was pregnant! I was happy, elated and felt incredibly blessed! But you have days when you don't feel great and cravings and you want to eat whatever you darn well please!! I did!!! This is when I got hooked on sweets!!! I'd eat what I wanted when I wanted and didn't feel bad about it. Of course, there were days I ate healthy too! But this started a terrible habit for me that, just now I am starting to break. My husband loved it though, donuts on Sundays, pizza, frozen yogurt...all this I craved! Then after the baby came, I'd eat what was convenient and hunger would just suddenly hit me where I had to eat now and didn't care what! AND let me say, I DID NOT BREAST FEED!! Big one that could have helped me but, oh well I was tired, it was a pain and I didn't produce well! But now, I still haven't been able to get into the running habit again. My routine these days are anything but a normal, same thing everyday! My gym doesn't offer daycare, so this poses a problem. I wait for the hubs to get home and by then, often I'm tired and it feels nicer just sitting on the couch and relaxing. Or other things would come up that I couldn't fit a workout in, yeah I know it's called life! 

9 mos preg, May 2011
So, here I am nearly 28, and need to lose 15lbs! I miss running, it makes you feel great and accomplished! I sweat like a pig and I feel great after, well after a shower! The best part, I sleep great!! Which now, I could really use! Becoming a parent, there is so much going on and so many things to worry about that I just can't shut my mind off at night! One other thing, I actually enjoy healthy food! It's crazy how crappy, crappy food makes you feel, really!! I have tried the workout DVD Insanity, took before pics, pulled my groin and never finished. I've had a personal trainer, and have tried Advocare! All these I just did, but didn't take seriously. I truly believe you have to whole-heartedly be ready in mind and body! I hope I am now and I hope that since I broke my "blogging rule" this will keep me (and all you readers) motivated and hold me accountable for sticking to it! I know I can do it, I've done it before. It's time to quit being lazy and get going!! Do I have your support??
Me now!

While I get my butt in gear, I'm going to link up to some of my inspirers, go check them out too:


  1. good luck girl! you obviously have it in you! but I think you are already gorgeous!!!

  2. You look fantastic, but I know how it is when you "don't feel" sexy and really that's what matters. I lost 91 lbs over the past few years. It's hard work, but so worth it!

  3. I'm so proud of you!! I'm looking forward to motivating each other!! It's hard work, but I guess if it was easy then everyone would be doing it!


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