Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Hallway Update

Well I mentioned yesterday how I was doing some little updates around the house, and my hallway that goes into my son, Zane's room and the guest room and bath needed a major one!!  All it's had on it was a picture frame which held 3 photos from our engagement, 6 years ago!  So I got my creative juices a flowin' and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had several picture frames that I had NOTHING to do with and they had no where to go! But I had a problem, none of them matched eachother. I like things a little matchy-matchy with a kick of uniqueness mixed in.  I always wanted to do a photo collage and in this hallway I thought it'd go great and I wanted something pretty to look at on my way into Zane's room (which I do ALOT throughout the day).  I got all my frames together, some were gold, and really gold and some had mats with a border, but I made it work and the best part is it only cost me $5!!!!  Yep, you heard (read) right!!!  Here's how it turned out, I really like it!!
See the frame in the center with all of us? That border inside was gold too, I took that puppy out and painted it to match the rest! 

 This frame was the one that held our engagement photos and was the only thing floating on the wall.  I took that mat out and spray painted it cream, funny huh?? But you can't tell and it looks great!

This is a little space between a closet and our guest bath. I found this frame at Home Goods and Zane's newborn pictures go great in it!!


  1. Looks great! Don't you just love spray paint?!?!

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  3. Hey girl, I have a similar set up but need to revamp it, too! Looks great! Gotta love spray paint!


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