Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Decor Project

I have been working on several projects on my home to add little unique touches.  It all started with this frame I got at First Monday in Canton, TX when we first bought our home in 2005. Once upon a time I believe this frame held a mirror.  When I purchased it, it was empty.  I had this in my formal dining room and hung plates inside the frame on the wall. Eventually I became sick of that look and took it down and it went straight to the attic.  It's been there for years. Then, a few weeks ago my husband's family was having a garage sale, so up to my attic I went to gather all my items to add.  That's when I ran across this old frame, again!  I immediately thought "I can do something with this!!" Isn't it funny how something you had years ago, then decide you don't want it anymore, you'll run across it years later and want it again??  That's what happened to me!!

Here is the frame how I bought it years ago!

I immediately thought to paint it black! 

So I did!

This little wall hanging was going to go in this little nook (hallway is NOT the word for this space) going into our bedroom from the living, kitchen and eating area.  Here is what was there before, very BLAH!

One day browsing on Pinterest (if you haven't joined this site, DO!!!) I found the perfect way to use my repurposed frame!  It's a combination of sorts of these ideas:

So I went to the nearby Hobby Lobby and I bought several of these gold letters they sell that you can do pretty much anything with! And once again, painted them black!  I also bought an "&" sign which I painted white. Our bedroom is black and white, so I thought I should go with those colors. Once I got everything painted and it was dry, I recruited the Hubby!  He got everything all hung and I'm living with it, I am still not sure I love this look like I thought I would! Tell me what you think??

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