Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

It's been too long since I've updated you on what I am loving lately...I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love and Heather at The Curvy Life.

As a mommy on the go and LOTS to carry when we do, I no longer carry a purse, my purse is this diaper bag from Bella Tunno,which I love!!!!  It could easily pass for a purse because it's so cute!!!

I am an organization freak so I do have to keep my stuff separate in this adorable diaper bag and I make that happen in this handy dandy, compact carry all by Vera Bradley.

This thing holds all my cash, debit cards, some loose change and my keys and cell!  Its amazing and is small enough that it fits in the front pocket of the diaper bag!

Here's something I and my hubby both love and it's really something that you can't put a price on!!  The Angel Care monitor!  This puppy senses movement in the crib, and when I say movement I mean it senses Zane breathing! You just place the mat underneath the mattress and believe it or not it will sense whether he's on the mat and breathing, if he moves off of it or stops breathing it sounds a LOUD alarm on his sensor in his room and our parent's monitor (which also works as a baby monitor).  It gives us a great peace of mind! And it was only $65 at Walmart, but like I said, who can put a price on this??

Here's one of mine and Zane's favorites!  Sophie Le Giraffe!! She is a developmental and teething toy! Apparently she's all the rage, I had a physical therapist tell me I was the only mom she's seen who hasn't bought this simple toy, well I fixed that real quick and I'm glad I did!  Zane loves her, he squeaks her and chews on her and loves to stare at her contrasting colors!

I am also in love with some good ole spray paint!!!

It helped me accomplish this and this!  Go read all about it and see my before and after pics!!

Lastly, I am LOVING being a new Scentsy Consultant!!!!  Please visit my website and I would love any business from you lovely bloggers.  Just order from me online and it'll be shipped right to your door!! Makes fabulous Christmas gifts!!

And of course, I'm ALWAYS loving this adorable guy!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. Aw...I'm loving the little guy too...and your new background, btw! Also, love your diaper bag..and YOU! :)


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