Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Baby Halloween!

We had so much going on this year for Halloween!  I can say with 100% certainty that this has been THE BEST Halloween I  have ever had, it was spent entirely with family and of course our little ducky Zane! 

A few days before the spooky day arrived, a sweet friend from high school and her son (who is 11 days older than Zane) invited us to a Halloween Bash for the babies.  She has a photographer friend who was there to take pictures of all the little ones, such a neat idea!!! Take a look at the lovely party and the party animals!

Zane @ the party...

Zane and Mommy

Zane's buddy Lincoln and co-host of the party!

Group photo, they were not thrilled about this!

Some of the Mommies and their cuties!

That was a great way for us mommies to get together and our babies to meet other babies!!  It kicked off our Halloween week.  On Saturday we took Zane to our town's Halloween Festival.  It's held in our community park and is just walking distance from our house.  Radio Disney was there and vendors set up tents all around the park and trick or treaters would stand in line to get their candy.  We just walked around and took it all in since Zane is not old enough for candy (although some insisted to hand it out to him)it was also a great way for him to get more "wear" out of his costume!! 

His little loot!

And on Halloween night I felt we just HAD to carve pumpkins since this was his very 1st Halloween.  So daddy and I got to carving and Zane watched.  Afterwards, we got him dressed in his costume and "ducked" out to show him off to family that lived in town.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!

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