Friday, November 30, 2012


Since I LOVE me some instagram, I thought this would be a fun weekly post! You will probably see alot of repeats because I am not a photographer, so to make my pictures look better I break out my Instagram app! I know photographers are laughing at my attempt to make my pics look edited, but I could give a rip! I don't have time or patience to mess with Photoshop, nor do I have that expensive software! Besides, everyone is doing photography now, I can think of atleast 5 people who I know that are photographers or trying to get started in the business, who needs one more haha! I don't think I know how to use all the features, however, so how do y'all make a collage thing??

Some of my pics on Instagram lately...

Every time I went in for a sono when I was pregnant with Zane, his ankles were always crossed!! He still crosses them constantly!!

 This is one of my favorite pics right now! Me and my boy goofing around Christmas shopping!

I LOVE this one of my boys eating suckers!! My husband would give them to Zane for teething! Big mistake, we had to hide our candy dish!

My new, GORGEOUS Nativity scene!! This is a must Christmas piece! Jesus is the reason for the season!!!
I need to get better taking Instagram photos, but y'all follow me on there ok? lesward311
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  1. Love your nativity! The picture of you and your boy is so sweet! And those ankles crossed....too cute!!


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