Friday, January 11, 2013

Living to the fullest!

Well I've been away a little longer than I'd like, I have NOT been in the blogging mood for one and I've been super busy secondly! Unfortunately, my New Year hasn't gone as expected. We recently lost a very dear family member, my little cousin Jennifer. She was involved in a fatal car accident on New Year's Eve morning due to wet roads and poor visibility. It has been extremely hard for my family to grasp, she was only 23 years young! We don't understand it and we all miss her terribly!!! We all take comfort in knowing she up in Heaven dancing with Jesus! So, this post is inspired my Jennifer and her amazing life and legacy! I think some good should come of her death and maybe it'll be shown through me? I don't know. She loved living life and I'm going to take a lot of notes from Jenn and enjoy life the way she did!

I had planned on writing about what I would like to accomplish this year, and now I have even more! Jennifer has inspired me to become a more carefree person and to live life to the FULLEST! She did, she LOVED life music, family and friends. She did not care what you thought about her, but pretty much everyone loved (and still loves) her! She was so fun and loved to laugh!

So, my plans for this coming year? Be a better, truer me! Not worry so much about what others think and just do what makes me happy! Love me or leave me! That should be my new motto! I'm going to participate in more things, fun things for my son and my family. I'm going to wear what I like whether it be preppy, boho-chic, glam, or frump! I love all styles and I intend to wear them all proudly! Also, I'm going to add more color to my home, as far as decor such as pillows, throws, art, and other misc decor. Bright colors make me happy and since I stay at home, I want it to be just that, super happy!! Next, I want to craft more. Adding pieces to your home that you made entirely yourself is a treasure. Jennifer had several homemade things in her home. I was lucky enough to make it home with a few! She was so artistic!
This lamp was in her apartment, my sweet aunt offered it to me!
She made that canvas, I love it! It's just happiness on top of my cabinet!
Another pretty canvas, and new reminder "Let It Be"
She and my cute Uncle Dale (her dad) made these. She got the idea from Pinterest.  Every time I light them, they will be to honor her!  
And lastly for my New Year to do's, I am going to get my cardio on!!!! It feels really good to run and I need to get over my lazy and get my butt in gear!! I feel so great and accomplished afterwards! Exercise makes you a happier person overall!! Plus, I can try and get my body back, which will make me REALLY happy!

It seems that ever since I became a mom, I have not taken enough time for me! And if I can do a little of that and be a better, happier me, then I will in turn be a better mom and wife! And we will have a super happy household!!!

You know, I hate that it took such a tragic loss for me to WAKE UP and say hey "you shouldn't give a flyin' flip about what others are doing, or what people may be thinking about you or judging you for the decisions you make, how you choose to raise your child or what works in your marriage" Freaking do what works for you and your family and makes you happy!! You have one life to live and I intend to live it!

Go live yours too!

Jenn- We will always love you!

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  1. Love reading your blog! This is so true and has inspired me to do the same :)


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