Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with Zane!!

We had an exciting, fun-filled Halloween season with Zane this year! Now that he's walking I knew I had to some up with something totally original and cute as heck! Although, he makes just about anything look cute! I found the best costume idea and had my mom whip it right up! He actually waddles!!

If you don't think this is the cutest thing you've ever seen, there is something seriously wrong with you!
The first of our festivities was our 2nd Annual Little Monster Halloween Bash! You can see pictures of last year here. We had a wonderfully talented photographer, Lisa at Peach Pine Photography capture some great shots! Look at this super cute invitation!! Amy at Bleu Print Shoppe custom made this! I'm going to be having a giveaway from Bleu soon so stay tuned and go check out her shop! See the button I have? Click on it!

Banner and "Boo" prints made by Bleu Print Shoppe
Water bottle labels made by Bleu Print Shoppe



The very next day our community had a Trails of Treats in the park. We took cousin Abigale along to get a load full of candy too! It was a great night!

Heather and I had to join in on the sillyness too!
On the eve of Halloween we had to get those pumpkins carved and on the porch to be lit for all the passing by trick or treaters! 
Daddy takes his pumpkin carving seriously!
My creation, I must confess I was in a hurry and cut off the first "e" but no worries, I nailed it back on!

Then little man and I go inside to cook dinner and he dove into candy!

Now for the good stuff!! Zane's VERY 1st Trick-or-Treat!!! It was so adorable seeing him waddle around and watching the other little ghouls and gobblins running from house to house. He's so sweet he tried to give people his candy and sometimes wouldn't want to leave a house.

We also had to go show off his adorbable baby butt to cousins Hilary and Hollie and Aunt Kerri and Uncle Karl. They loved it!!! 


  1. He is, as I've said 101 times...the cutest penguin. ever. I'm glad I got to join in on some of the festivities!!!

  2. I love the costumes and I love the blog! I am a new follower from the Scentsy giveaway!



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