Thursday, November 15, 2012

Must Have's

Now that Zane is almost 18 months, his list of favorites have evolved and grown. As mine have with caring for a toddler. Here are a few items in the Ward Household that we use daily and love!! Also, with Christmas coming up, if you know someone expecting or who has a little babe, these would make great gifts!!

First up, his "lovie" as we call it. Since he was a baby he loved the feeling of something soft on his cheek to cuddle and fall asleep. We LOVE these lovie's and he is highly attached!!!! He brings it to breakfast every morning too! These are made by Aden + Anais, issie security blankets, they are made of natural cotton muslin, edged in satin. They are super soft!! We get ours at Target.
Next up, his refrigerator magnet letters by Melissa & Doug. He has to play with these every morning after breakfast. They are wooden and I think better quality than the usual plastic ones. Melissa & Doug make neat toys!

Kids love Elmo, I don't know what it is about him but they just do!! And now you can Facetime with Elmo! Zane loves it!!! He gets a daily voicemail and you can schedule a phone call(s). Elmo tells him how much he loves Zane and his favorite letter of the day. You can also buy more conversations, with topics like "Going to the Dr", "Clean up Time", "Bedtime Story" and many more! It's genius!!!

Zane had a cold last week, and apparently babies get up to 10 a year with their underdeveloped immune systems. We bought this humidifier last year, the brand is Crane and was purchased at Babies R Us. It's a cold mist, so if he touches it the steam won't burn him.

My trusty purse diaper bag!! At first I had this ultra trendy diaper bag that looked like a purse, then of course, it got baby food and other gunk on it (it WILL happen) and I realized I couldn't wash that diaper bag!! Plus, it started falling apart. Vera Bradley is all the rage right now and they came out with diaper bags, YES! But my favorite feature, it's washable!!!! And comes with a soft, matching changing pad. 

And for our fave item...the video baby monitor!! It's called the Summer BabyTouch Color Video Monitor, it was expensive! This puppy does it all folks! It's in color and has night-vision, it's a touch-screen, we can view and scan the whole room, zoom in and out, adjust the brightness of the screen, also we can actually talk to him from our room with our monitor!! What will they think of next??
There ya have it, our favorite products at the moment! **Don't forget my GIVEAWAY is coming up!!! Don't miss out!!!!!!


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