Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Toddler On The Loose...Jack!!

Those of you who have or have had toddlers running amongst you will be able to relate with me here! When your spouse is at work and it's you vs. your toddler, you may feel some days that your toddler wins, alot! This always happens to me when I am busy doing chores around the house or trying to cook.  A door gets left open and Zane will no doubt get in it! About a month ago, I went into our lonely, quiet little spare bedroom, inside this room is a cute little vase that sits on the ground next to the armoire. I had gone in there in search of Zane's pants and I had already searched the house top to bottom. I just happened to look in the large vase to find his pants as well as a snack-trap. I called off the search-party and cleaned out my fancy vase, I know this is crazy of me to have "fancy" things in the home with a toddler loose! Well a few weeks ago I went back into the spare bedroom, I don't know why exactly, maybe I was cleaning (HA!), but I felt the need to look inside the vase again, this time I found handfuls of dog food and a half-eaten sucker stuck to the inside. Let me assure you, I do not give my son suckers, this is what happens when daddy is in charge of a teething toddler. The dog food-this is easy, Zane feels the need to help the dogs eat! He will take Nova's (our German Shepherd) food out of his bowl and take it to Starrla (our little Yorkie) and put it in her bowl. I trained Nova years ago when he was a baby, not to get possessive of his food. I would set my hand on top of his bowl and make him eat around my hand, and occasionally pull him away from his bowl mid-eating. My point being, Nova is VERY good with Zane, always has been. So if you are wondering how a 100lb viscious German Shepherd works in our home, that's why!

--Back to the real issue at hand--

I once again cleaned out my fancy, schmancy vase and keep that door shut! I need to get a baby gate for that doorway, but folks, they are expensive!! The one I have for our bedroom was $60 (no I didn't register for them-stupid!!!!!!) But we like this one:
It auto-closes! Yep, we are lazy like that, get over it! I know one of us would forget to close it at some point and our iPhone's would end up in the toilet because my husband someone refuses to baby-proof that! I think he this certain person has reconsidered that, however, since I am extremely unlucky in the phone department!!

Speaking of the toilet, hehe, my hubby had gone to our linen closet where we keep the toilet paper (I know he'd love to know I put this on here, but he doesn't follow me, it's all good) and inside the bag he found more dog food and a Nilla Wafer. I really do not know when or how he got in this closet! It must have been when his daddy was in charge and mommy wasn't home :) See how I blame him? No really, this kid is sneaky, as most toddlers are! Moms KNOW when it's too quiet, it means baaaaad news! Nova will occasionally open our doors (I forgot to mention how smart German Shepherd's are) and he had opened the door to the garage, after a few moments of silence I knew where to look and there he was walking around in the dark, highly dangerous garage! I have no excuse here, I cannot recall what I was doing that I didn't have my eye constantly on him!

The sucker eaters! (Ok-so I was home!)
Sadly, I don't have any pictures of those who had been victimized by my sweet, sneaky Zane. But rest assured, there will be more to come!! But for now, here's some serious cuteness...

Window climbin' with food in his hair!

Sweet Angel, as my grandma says! With Hippity Hoppity (His stuffed rabbit the Easter Bunny brought him)
I truly hope he doesn't feel this way...he will understand when he's as proud a parent as I am!

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OK, now it's Duck Dynasty time-JACK! So I have got to go!! And apparently download the "Sharp-Dressed Man" theme song since Zane stops and dances whenever he hears it. It's priceless!!

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