Monday, January 21, 2013

Rambles of the Stay at Home Mom

I think I should change my Blog name to that title, what do you think??

Well it's Monday, again, and I have begun to REALLY get the hot momma body back! I ran for the first time in a long time tonight! I made no excuses, when The Hubs got home, I got goin'! If you haven't been following along, I am now at THE HEAVIEST I've ever been! I do not admit that proudly. I used to be so fit and skinny, I'm talkin' a totally rockin' bod!
Daytona, FL  Summer of 2010
Then later that year I got pregnant.  Bad habits started and never ended, until now!!! Before hand I was just so dedicated! I ran alot and ate so well! But I still have all that in me and I'm digging back into my "fitness knowledge" part of my brain that hasn't been used properly in a good year and a half! I know what to do, I just need to do it and become that "fitness buff" I used to be!

With all that said, I started Couch to 5K, today, again...and geez running used to be so much easier!!! I discovered that I hate sweating now, it makes me feel fatter! However, when I was skinny I loved being drenched in sweat after a good run! Something about it made me feel so accomplished. Not today, it just made me feel yuck! My ankles and knees hurt now since I am heavier, and I literally feel my butt bouncing behind me as I run! To make it worse, my buns are sore the next couple days, probably from just the bouncing alone! I got some junk in this trunk people! It's usually the first thing to get big, then my boobs. Some people would see this as a good thing, not me! The ladies have gotten out of control! Most people know, I had a breast reduction when I was 16. Insurance covered my procedure and everything, it was a medical thing as well for me, cosmetic and self-consciously necessary. I was so insecure! I couldn't shop in Victoria's Secret like everyone else. I was a 32-E! I'm being 100% honest with you! I had to pick out bras at a specialty shop and then have them altered. At one point, the back strap had 5 brackets!!! This is torture for a 15, going on 16 year old! They were ugly too! And I felt like I was wearing a straight-jacket! You can bet your booty, I saved those suckers! And recently, I tried one on again, it came about an inch, maybe inch and a half from fitting!! You could not see ME passed my boobs! I went back to school after my surgery and people said to me "Oh you're skinny" I thought, well yeah! My boobs just took over my whole body!  So, you see how ginormo boobs again isn't a good thing for me. Losing weight means losing boobs! HA!

To fully understand my poundage I packed on, you'd need to see me in a bikini now. That just ain't gonna happen! I was able to wear one this past summer. I think I packed on the pounds since. Having a baby didn't make me fat, it's been poor food choices and not exercising! I love food!! Really love it! I'm not a whale, by any means, but I am not fit and have weight I really need to lose! I am only 5'1" just 5 pounds makes a difference. It doesn't help having a toddler in the house and a hubby that can eat whatever! One time I tried this diet where I could have no sugar and carbs, Zane was eating Fruit Loops and he kept trying to force them in my mouth! See what I mean?  The good thing is, my son really loves healthy food too. And once upon a time I had will power made of steel! I still have it, I just need to use it. So, here I go...I am determined that by this Summer I will have my body back! Then I'll be one hot momma and be proud of it! No worries, I won't be a mid-riff wearing inappropriate woman. I am a mom, after all! I can say though, that my legs feel good, they are tired, but a good tired! And I bet I will sleep good!!

Let me blog name or no?

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