Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's Goin' on with Zane?

Well little man is 20 months now, and he has no clue! He thinks he is 20 years old. Maybe because I'm not the best disciplinarian, or he's just really defiant, or just being a toddler. I will tell him "this is don't touch" I may be pointing to the fireplace tools or the dog's water bowl, but here lately it's our door mouse.
Isn't it cute???
I use it to sometimes prop open the baby gate to the master, like when I'm doing laundry. It's made of iron and I will tell him "this is don't touch!" He completely understands me, because then, he proceeds to look down at the door mouse, and say "dis is don toush!" Later, I will find him carrying the door mouse off to somewhere in the house and THEN sometimes he puts it back exactly where it goes and says again "dis is don toush!" As if it doesn't apply to him, just reiterating the rule! But it's so cute and funny it's hard to get onto him, and then I wonder why am I not getting through to this actually incredibly smart (I am biased) toddler??

He is super stubborn, and cute as can be!! He refuses to say "mama" but instead he says "baba." He says some other things like:

"fruit loops" -- sounds more like "ush-oops"
"popcorn"-- or "cah-gorn"
"Poppie"--my father
"Dada"--his Daddy, of course
"trash"-- or "jash"

And a few others, but have slipped my mind. Zane took his time on the speaking part of when you ask him to repeat something (stubborn). He still has his own baby language and is constantly talking in gibberish! He understands pretty much anything to tell him or ask him to do, which that's what our Pediatrician wants to hear! I can ask him to "put that up" or to "throw that away" "bring me my phone" (lazy momma moment) and he will do just that! I ask him where his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, cheeks, head, belly, feet and hands are and he will point to each one on cue. It makes me so so proud!! He tries to dress himself and is always trying to put his shoes on, and he can, just not always on the correct feet. He will wash his face and brush his teeth and if I ask him if he wants to go to bed, he will run to his crib or point that direction if we are in our bedroom.

Lately, he has been handing out the kisses and hugs! We will ask for a "bear hug" and he will squeeze SO tight. It's the best feeling! He's super friendly and waves to anyone who walks by, even if they don't wave back. He blows Mommy kisses and likes helping me cook--(I just let him stir). I may have mentioned a few posts back that he LOVES to clean. One day my parents were watching him as I went to a doctor appointment. My mom was changing his diaper and he gets up (sans diaper) runs to my dads office and pees on his boots and floor (NOT on purpose!!), then my son goes to get his wipes, pulls a couple out and wipes up his mess! He is really a sweetheart! And he's a clown!! He will do anything for a
laugh and loves to laugh. I tell you what, I don't know what we did to get such a wonderful baby! His big toothy smile just makes me so happy!Here's some pics of what he's been up to lately...
Cuddling with my baby blankie
bear hugs!!
Goofing around wearing Daddy's glasses
just some light cleaning!
Rocking on the dino at the park.
Testing out his chef skills.
Catching some zzz's with his new favorite buddy "Nova dog"
Mr. Cool
Is it just me or he's pretty smart for a 1 1/2 year old??


  1. what a super cute story with that door stopper! and such a cute little boy! haha, he sounds like such a funny little guy. that pic of him cuddling with his blankie is too sweet for words. lovely blog here. happy to be following along :]

  2. He's getting so big! And Kenley is the exact same way! I just realized they're only about 6 months apart!

    And that door mouse is oh so cute. :)

    Thanks again for linking up with us!


  3. Oh how I loved reading every little detail! My little Maddie will be turning one in a few weeks so this just gets me excited about the things to come for this next year!!!


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