Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More home-y stuff!

I did something that I think was creative and cheap! First off, I found this big ole close pin at Hobby Lobby. Originally, it was $17.99, however it was broken in half and the only one left in the color I wanted. So, cheap, bargain-hunter me was not afraid to ask for a discount! I got it 66% off (heck yeah!) and it ended up costing me a whopping $8! You read me right! On top of my laundry shelf it went! I've had an empty Jamestown planter from Southern Living at Home (now Willow House?) on the shelf too, for weeks now. I knew it needed a little sumthin' sumthin' and it came to me! More close-pins but painted in my pretty collection of paints I already had. It only took me forever, but I painted them all! Some colors I mixed to create my own "Signatuh Coluh" (say in the Steel Magnolia accent). And it turned out super cute if I do say so myself!
Me painting, and painting and some more painting!
See? I mixed my colors
I'm getting somewhere...
Shelf before
Shelf after! Look at that color, and it was only $8!!

Another thing I made by hand that I am not "in love" with and is currently in a closet as I mull it over about if I should keep it or trash it is this thingy....

I spray painted it gold first, then I taped it off and then painted it a Navy color i mixed up.
Next, I painted our monogram and the year we got married.
I really think it looks cheesy, but I might hold on to it. One day, it could be special HAHA! It was my very 1st hand in a "painting" on canvas. I have made a super special canvas for my son's nursery, but with a Cricut machine. I will keep it forever! Zane stares at it still when I change his "diapie" as I call it. He was even so kind to pick off all the buttons. No worries mommy's, I snatched them up super quick and repaired my precious painting. Check it out here!! It's so unique and cute!

What do ya think? Trash em or treasure em??


  1. Sooo cute! I was curious as to what you were doing w/ those!! I like the canvas!


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