Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Decor, why not?

I told you all I was going to get my craft on and that's about all I've done lately!! I have really come to love homemade things to put around your home. They have meaning and it's something that no one else has.
This is kinda my favorite one so far! I saw a pin on Pinterest about this and apparently there is an art piece at World Market (I think) that is pricey, but she made her own, as did I! Got my canvas, foam brushes and paint and got to work!

I used a paint pen for the branches

another angle
Some pop of color above my cabinets

This little project was meant to be done last year. I bought this sign on sale, but hated that it was striped like a candy cane. Not for Valentine's decor!

I just painted it all red and added some glitter! Who doesn't love glitter? It looks soooo much better, you can actually see what it says now.

Last Saturday my cousins, mom and aunt all got together to have a craft day. Our craft at hand was to make Valentine's wreaths. I have only made a Christmas wreath before and that was just gluing ornaments on the branches, simple! This wreath was just about 100% handmade! Wrapping this thing in yarn was a pain in the you-know-what! And so was drawing and cutting out the hearts each by hand! But my hard work paid off and it turned out great!!

work in progress. 
Seriously crafting!!
All the girls wreaths.
Mom, myself and Hollie with our wreaths!
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