Monday, January 28, 2013

You're REALLY gonna think we are crazy...

After being sick since Thursday, I haven't hit the gym, nor have I eaten exceptionally well. However, today, I dropped Zane off at my parents and decided I'd go get my run in, we have plans tonight, I thought ahead. I still have a hint of a cough but I didn't care, you want to know why?? The other night I was babbling on to The Hubs and somewhere along the way I began talking about my weight. And I asked him something like "do you think I'm fat?" Yes, he knew this was a trap and that there was no way out of it. He says something like, "I love you the way you are." Being a woman I said "Ooook, that's not a NO, so why don't you just say it?" He knew this wasn't leading anywhere good and that I had a point. I told him I wanted the truth and that I'm not blind and if he loves me he would tell me. So, hesitantly he says "you've put on a little weight." OUCH!!!! "But I'm very much attracted to you," He says. Good save!  It was the truth, I asked for it, can't get mad! I thought about his honesty for a couple seconds, and I thought to myself, "I used to look so good, and he loved that I had a great body, I can do it again!" And I'm sure to his surprise I said "thank you!" I am actually the type of person that would rather be hurt with the truth rather than comforted with a lie! That statement was the push I needed to get back in the game! I know you are probably thinking what a jerk he is, that he never should have said that to me! But my friend, you are wrong. If my husband can't be honest with me then we got problems! I know this man loves me for so many reasons!! He is such a loving husband and tells me constantly he didn't marry me for look, but always because he is in love with me. People, he did me a favor! I don't want to get my weight so out of control I think getting in shape is out of reach! He gave me that wake-up call I needed. Sometimes it's easy to have the wrong perception of how you look, then you see a photo and you are shocked that you must really look a little overweight. You can think I'm a vain idiot (which sometimes I am) or that he's a huge jerk (and sometimes he can be) but we are best friends and love each other, we are honest with each other. He took a real risk in telling me the truth, and I thank him!
See, I told ya you'd think we are crazy! :)

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  1. Oh sweet Lesley! JA lovs you to pieces! I love that you are blogging more too! I am being honest with you too, you look great now! I started crossfit back this summer for the exact same reasons and love it!


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